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#ADOS Founders Launch New Website

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#ADOS Founders Launch New Website

Yvette Carnell of Breaking Brown and Antonio Moore of tonetalks, the founders of American Descendents of Slavery (#ADOS), have launched a new website:

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I have personally watched them build a loyal, well-informed audience over the last few years via YouTube and social media. They wanted to make it plain what #ADOS is all about.

#ADOS was started by the brain trust of Howard graduate and host of the Breaking Brown political show, Yvette Carnell, and UCLA alumnus and attorney, Antonio Moore who hosts the weekly radio show Tonetalks. ADOS—which stands for American Descendants of Slavery—seeks to reclaim/restore the critical national character of the African American identity and experience, one grounded in our group’s unique lineage, and which is central to our continuing struggle for social and economic justice in the United States. ~

They have been taking heat since they forcefully came out against the Presidential aspirations Sen. Kamala Harris. They questioned her history as a prosecutor in the Bay, state Attorney General, and her lack of an agenda specifically for the #ADOS community. All of which clearly falls within the realm of political commentary.

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The choices Ms. Harris made concerning the incarceration of Black people and her obvious pandering to Black people through culture vice policy. With Senator Harris’ sordid history in mind, they were also concerned about her ability to represent the needs of American slave descendants as the child of immigrant parents. They cited the economic state of Black America after eight years of President Obama as a reference.
The ADOS founders have particularly riled the Democratic Party’s Gatekeeper class. Joy Ann Reid, Roland Martin, Symone Sanders, Malcolm Nance and Angela Rye all chimed in with “bot” and “Russian Op” accusations. They supplied no expert forensic analysis, of course. Just accusations.
Since then the members of the #ADOS movement, based on the presence of the hashtag in their Twitter handle/profile, have been inundated with similar accusations. In response, many have taken pictures of themselves or provided video evidence of being real live human beings.

#ADOS Founders Launch New Website

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To be clear, there seem to be a lot of new accounts that have popped up around the hashtag. However, that in itself does not make these new accounts “bots.” Only 7% of the country is actually on Twitter. Some people from the other 93% joining the twitterverse for a particular cause should not be shocking. There are also more than a few anti-ADOS profiles that are brand new. Let’s not conveniently ignore that fact. Additionally, making the founders and members responsible for every individual Twitter account that uses a hashtag is a ridiculous standard for any group. As a veteran of the First Bernie Wars (2015), I know this standard is dicey at best, a setup at worst.
With that said, Ms. Carnell and Mr. Moore use the website to take complete ownership and leadership for this movement. There have been concerns about some people that were seemingly affiliated with the movement. The founders also addressed this recently on Breaking Brown on Monday (18 Feb 2019).

One point that has been ignored in all of this bot/new account conversation. Something that most Black people know and understand: One of the quickest ways to become unemployed, unemployable, or worse; in American society, is to stand up for the economic or social well-being of Black people, #ADOS in particular. This is a very real fear. That is a risk few American Descendents of Slavery or allies can afford.

If you have any questions about the American Descendents of Slavery movement, your first stop should be You can also watch the founder’s shows on YouTube. You can follow Yvette and Tone directly.
You can also click the graphic below to get my view of the movement.
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