Announcing SludgeWire – Sludge | @readsludge

Announcing SludgeWire – Sludge from @readsludge
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SludgeWire is a new subscription service that delivers news alerts on money in politics to news organizations and other groups.

We’re currently holding a Reddit AMA about a new data set we’ll be using for the SludgeWire service.

Sludge reporters comb through political spending data to send you unique email alerts on:

  • campaign contributions
  • election spending
  • lobbying disclosures, including financial transactions
  • legislative actions, with a calendar of events
  • advertising information
  • travel reports, and more

SludgeWire enables newsrooms to spot potential money-in-politics stories with timely updates. 

SludgeWire comes from the investigative journalists at Sludge, a team including a 2017 Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW) award winner for Breaking News.

To discuss SludgeWire options and pricing, fill out our very short Google Form. We’ll be in touch right away.

Sample SludgeWire alert that a newsroom can receive.

SludgeWire subscribers receive custom alerts based on their geographic region or coverage areas that identify elusive money-in-politics stories, with more leads for reporting.

Alerts are created by Sludge Editor Donny Shaw and Senior Reporter Alex Kotch. Subscribers will have access to live chat and individual support from reporters and co-founder David Moore.

Track any company, industry area lobbying, campaign contributions, and the revolving door.

Since our launch in June of 2018, Sludge has co-published articles with Capital & Main, WNYC, Fast Company, and The Young Turks Investigates. Sludge’s reporting has been cited by CNN, HuffPost, Politico, Guardian US, The Daily Beast, The Appeal, Popular Information, and more.

Contact: David Moore: – DM @ppolitics for Signal info.

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