Bernie Sanders and the Black Vote, Part 3: Magic Words

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Bernie Sanders and the Black Vote

Black Folks and Bernie Sanders In 2020

This is the third story in a series about Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign to lead the Free World. In the first, I wrote about my view of the space Bernie occupies on the political spectrum concerning Black voters. The second one covered Gatekeepers. This one will cover the Black vote and the Magic Words that Bernie needs to use to attract this group, thereby securing the Democratic nomination and a step closer to the White House.

According to all reputable polls, Bernie is doing just fine with the vast majority of Black voters. The only holdouts being Boomers and older GenXers. Among voters, this grouping is staunchly pro-Democratic establishment. They are also the most economically stable group in Black America. Savvy political observers know that this loyalty is no coincidence.

Democratic Blackness

This is the demo that benefited most from the gains of the Civil Rights Movement (CRM). They are a nostalgic group that lives in a world where Martin Luther King, Jr rode in on a faithful steed, slew the dragon of American White Supremacy (AWS), and everyone lived happily ever after. Which is why they missed AWS foot soldiers in US institution claw back nearly all the CRM progress right under their noses.

There is a cunning if craven, logic to this fealty. Because Black people are barred from wielding any real power of our own in the country, we can only gain from the proximity to the folks with real wealth and power. The only to “win” is to be closer to the White power brokers. These Black people become Gatekeepers with extremely limited influence outside of certain parameters. That is why you RARELY hear Black (or Brown or White) members of Congress publically promoting policies to specifically address the unique needs of Black people. It’s still a political third rail.

The absolute quickest way to be banished from these lofty heights is to try to explicitly improve the economic lives of Black people in any significant way. The most you can do is push for is less Black people getting shot by law enforcement each year. Anything more than that will get you voted off the island.
If you doubt this, look no further than the absolute derision dripping from Kamala Harris when asked about addressing the specific needs of ADOS through affirmative policy. Furthermore, you can read this study: Black Wealth Cratered Under Obama.

A History Lesson

Power and wealth in America have always been White. Black slaves and their descendants have only been one thing to them- cheap or free labor. This is what made the United States the richest, most powerful country in human history. The signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964 was a blow to that world order. Black people were finally on their way to full citizenship. That meant (nearly) equal protection under the law. Which meant Black work would be harder to exploit.

AWS moved fast. The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act was signed to supersede the Immigration Act of 1925. The 1925 version was, simply put, racist. It limited immigration from nations outside of Western Europe. Making sure the masses of people taking advantage of wealth building policies were largely monochrome. The renewed version opened things up dramatically.

As stated earlier, America has only viewed American Descendents of Slavery (ADOS) as a source of cheap/free labor. The newfangled Immigration Act was seen as an extension of the Civil Rights Act- America has seen the light! That was not the case in any way, shape, or form.

Industry/AWS was looking for new sources of cheap labor to replace the folks that were reveling in their brand-spanking new full citizenship- ADOS. This was especially true in agriculture where Black labor and expertise had become indispensable.

If you have any doubts about the veracity of these statements, take a good look at the legislation itself. America was actively pursuing the demise of ADOS less than a year after the Civil Rights Act was signed.

2016 Never Ended

The Democratic National Committee made promises to former First Lady and Senator Hillary Clinton after her loss to then Sen. Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic Primary. The DNC made good on that pledge in 2015 by clearing the field of realistic contenders. Or so they thought.

It was Webb, Chaffee, and Sanders vs. the combined Clinton and Obama political machines. At the time, that juggernaut appeared unstoppable. In fact, we now know in August of 2015 the DNC became an organ of the Clinton campaign through a written agreement that no other candidate received. The document put the Clinton Campaign in charge of the budget, messaging, and hiring. That is a takeover by any standard.

Then something happened on the way to the coronation. Bernie Sanders’ agenda caught fire & his campaign began to surge. This surprised everyone, including Bernie Sanders.

The Clinton Campaign quickly weaponized race to go after Sanders, who is Jewish. Sanders was largely unknown outside of Leftie circles. Because he failed to define himself and discuss his history, the Clinton machine used their media contacts and political operatives to define Sanders as an “old, sexist, racist, White man” and his supporters as equally vile Bernie Bros.

The DNC frontloaded the Southern States, the firewall, to give Clinton a lead. Even though the Deep Red states would never go Blue in the general election. The establishment used Black people to make Bernie appear as a less viable presidential candidate than Clinton. Even though polling showed the exact opposite.

Enter the Biden

Here we are in 2019 and Joe Biden has joined this race for the White House in 2020. Even in the #MeToo era, Handsy Joe has quickly become the titular frontrunner. The media and political operatives are at it again. Downplaying Sanders’ popularity, the size of the crowds he has drawn, and his chances to beat Trump.

Sadly, the Left is underestimating the power of Obama nostalgia. Especially, in the wake of the buffoonish POTUS currently occupying the White House. Biden’s proximity to the uber-popular Obama is a major problem for the Sanders Campaign. To view it any other way is sheer folly.

History Rhyming

In a field this large, every single vote is going to count. The DNC agreed to keep the rightly maligned Superdelegates out of the primary unless no one has 51% of state delegates after the first round of voting.

All the DNC has to do is make it appear as if Bernie can’t win the very important Black vote. Regardless of the relevant polling. In this case, it is reasonable to assume that the Obama-connected Biden will attract more Black votes to the casual observer. If it goes to the second round, Superdelegates will give it to Biden. No question.

Result: Trump gets a second term & the Left gets the blame.

Magic Words

In 2016, many Black pundits claimed there was a way to attract more Black votes for Bernie Sanders. For the life of me, I could not get anyone to tell what that miraculous formula was. It was pretty disheartening. It turned out that Bernie was doing just fine with Black folks in polling.

He’s doing quite well now, as well. However, the presence of Obama in the current equation makes things very, very different. In addition to the standard media and Gatekeeper voices, there is a new group on the scene. The ADOS Movement is on the scene demanding a specific economic agenda for the Descendents of Slaves in America in the form of reparations. The policy-inflicted wealth gap and declining economic status Black America creates a compelling case.

What do you think?

Michael Graham

Written by Michael Graham


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