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Black Genocide Message to the Other America 

Genocide- the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

In Other America, there is an ongoing Ethnic Genocide and the destruction of the Black man. Somehow, in some way we have allowed a destructive mindset to plague our people. People really think it’s cool to kill their own people. Rappers rap about and it has trickled down to our everyday community. If you have beef with somebody aka ops I’m pretty sure there is a rap beef, op packs, and people running up the score. 

We have allowed The Black Genocide to disrupt and cause destruction in the Other America. All around the country Everyone is following the lead of Chicago. Birthplace of Drill Music. Which was instrumental in the new age influence of music but mainly in the culture, and the everyday life of Black folk. Chicago has been leading the country in the Black genocide and Places like Philadelphia have followed over the past years. Recently I had a conversation with Pastor Carl Day: 

“We need to stop this Black Genocide in our communities. Nobody outside of your zip code thinks it’s cool. He continues and says “ politicians making policies about you and won’t even talk to you” “media publications can play about your death” (referring to the Philadelphia newspaper nobody reads and it’s free). Something that we agreed on is that we have to change this narrative because it’s disturbing. “If the highlight of ya life is that took or have taken a black life that’s not gangster you a goofy!”

Recently in various states but in PA in particular there are 155 million to tackle gun violence in Philly and 30 million from the state. In Chicago, Reparationist Marlon Watson along with Pastor Anthony Williams from  Pastor of the MLK community church are protesting the country and urging Joe Biden to make violence a national health crisis. 

State senator Anthony Williams senate minority whip from Pa has been calling for this for years. Many other officials have called for something similar. Everyone is looking for a solution to this major problem in our community. 

I look at the Black Genocide as a direct offspring of the crack era. Crack was equivalent to an atomic bomb. Our communities were decimated due to crack and I am a product of the Bleak era. Which is an era when information was not properly introduced to the millennials and Gen Z. Due to that atomic bomb are communities are owed restitution and reparations to rebuild their neighborhoods. Just like money was paid to Japan for dropping a bomb in Hiroshima and restitution was paid we deserve the same. There have been structural violence against our people, and that has led to violence, which has ultimately led to the Black genocide. 

Ultimately, as we make this shift and change in mindset it takes a collective community effort. We have to teach our people but once the resources are available we have to make use of them. This Black genocide will not be the demise of our people. 


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