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Black Love in a #ADOS America – Dating, Marriage and Beyond | @tonetalks

[tweet_dis2]Black Love in a #ADOS America – Dating, Marriage and Beyond by @tonetalks[/tweet_dis2]
Attorney Antonio Moore talks with Yvette Carnell & Zo Williams about Black Love and how it survives in a #ADOS America. Support Valentines Special. How your lineage should root your purpose & intimate relationships. Guest Relationship Expert Zo Williams Pick Up his new Book “The Holographic Relationship: A deeper look into the spiritual meaning behind intimate communion” 1) Why is rooting and lineage important to intimate relationship? Purpose, Direction, Community 2) Has everyone been running from #ADOS partners because of what American racism left in ADOS families? 3) How does reparations change the position of ADOS in dating and mating? 4) What role does faith and the church play in #ADOS love? Discipline, Community, 5) Where do we go now if ADOS are financially unstable how do we build love in a American financial storm?
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