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Can We Finally Admit Our 2 Parties Are Broken?

And That Something Revolutionary Is Needed to Fix Them…

Can We Finally Admit Both Parties Are Broken?

There has been much to write about in the early stages of the year 2020, and sadly, none of it has been good. Political and economic unrest abound from Hong Kong to Paris, the war between Iran and the United States seemed unavoidable after a key General in the Iranian Army was targeted and killed by an American drone strike, and more recently, the world has been beleaguered by the pandemic, COVID-19 sweeping through the globe with alarming and devastating results.

“Forget about the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice…you don’t…you have no choice…you have owners” – George Carlin

And on the shores of America, we have become neither immune from its seemingly unstoppable abilities to multiply and spread, but we have also not been immune from witnessing the lack of dysfunction as to how either political party or their leaders plan to handle the illness, deaths, or the economic instability which will more than likely take place rather soon. 

We could finger point ad nauseum about who is to blame, but why bother when the President, the Speaker of the House, the Senate Majority Leader, the bought and sold corporate media and gaggles of political pundits and podcasters roar at each other daily with the alacrity of a fire and brimstone preacher, and the temerity of a spoiled, fractious toddler. And while D.C. burns, they all play the fiddle while we suffer and die. 

The two-party system has decided that their corporate benefactors and owners stand head and shoulders above the environment, the failing healthcare system, the elderly, workers, women, the LGBTQ community, people of color, homeless, unemployed, uninsured, and most importantly, the American children. 

Yet, the Republicans want us to vote for an incumbent President so inept, he couldn’t handle the implementation of a tariff on steel and aluminum goods correctly, let alone deal with a deadly pandemic, or anything else that happened in between these two events. The Democrats look like the equivalent of a dog chasing its tail or a deer gazing into the headlights, with a new flavor of the week vying to topple a popular man who is not even part of their party, only to lose to him; and not topple him until after all dropping out, eventually making the torch bearer a person who through the first three primaries plummeted in the polls and looks so physically and psychologically disengaged from the process, that you have to wonder who’s pulling the strings over at DNC Headquarters and what is their true angle for having him as their leader.

The ineptness of both parties fighting over stimulus packages, bailouts, which again happen to curry the favor of their friends in corporate boardrooms and the zealots on Wall Street, not to mention never being willing to put an end to the ‘For Profit’ healthcare system, which appears to be in its death throes during a time when the American proletariat has never needed it more brings to light just how badly new blood and new parties are needed to counter this abusive treatment and the stagnation which we face daily.

For when the dust has cleared from how tragic COVID-19 may possibly be to our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and families, we’re still knuckled under by an aging power grid, antiquated infrastructure, immeasurable poverty, the out of control drug epidemic, a failing education system, both in the public and private realm and a laundry list of other problems that are not ever going away with these feudalist lords at the helm.

There needs to be a revolutionary momentum for change and overhaul that can not and will not come from either of these bought parties, and Labor should make the biggest push of its life to back a true, ‘Workers Party’; not one who pays lip service, throws us some trinkets, and then along with the Republicans sacrifices us at the altar of greed with the death sentence of deregulation or insufferable trade deals, but one who values our work, values our struggles, demands an end to endless war and the blood-sucking prowess of the military-industrial complex.

We need a party, all-inclusive, which embraces a person for as Doctor King said, “the content of their character, not the color of their skin.” We need to be swift in our actions, decisive in our measures and leave no one behind. The stakes are too high and the panic of future pandemics and monetary collapses could lead to the type of revolution which no one wants to think of. We need to be the engine of change, an innovative leader, not a stagnant, greed-driven, corporate enabler.  

COVID-19 has more than exposed the cracks in the dam called the two-party system. It is our choice how we decide to patch the dam up and quickly build a better, stronger functioning structure to take its place, so that future generations in America may not only survive but in doing so, prosper as well.

Richard Cucarese recently had his first fiction novel, ‘PUNKS’, published, and can be contacted on Twitter- @stlwrkr4889 or Instagram- @richardcucarese.  

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