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Camp Prosperity 2019 Wrap Up | @prosperitynow

Camp Prosperity 2019 Wrap Up from @prosperitynow
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This summer, we hosted our second annual Camp Prosperity summer learning series. Economic justice advocates from across the country joined us for three weeks of peer-to-peer learning, deep-dives into effective advocacy strategies and opportunities to connect with others doing similar work.

We made the case for nonprofits in advocacy; amplified personal stories of economic inequality; and strengthened coalitions by fighting professional fatigue in addition to providing a host of other tools for advocates—experienced and novice alike—to make an impact. However, learning and advocacy don’t stop there.

Key Conclusions

One of the main takeaways for many participants was the need for a continuous learning approach that matches the evolving nature of economic justice and advocacy. We determined that shifting the focus from simply learning new skills and developing fresh resources to a more dynamic approach that includes more customized, equitably designed solutions is key.

Another important insight we discovered was that even the best ideas won’t go far without the right data, resources and tools. More importantly, advocates need support not only in their professional work, but in often-overlooked aspects of personal life such as self-care.

A Culture of Comprehensive Advocacy Innovation

So, what was the purpose of these learning activities? Ultimately, our goal for Camp Prosperity was to make advocates feel confident in their ability effect real change. We know that advocates with an adaptation-oriented mindset can expand their capacity to solve big issues exponentially and we’re doing our part to grow a culture of innovation in advocacy.

During the conclusion of Camp Prosperity, advocates—equipped with data, talking points, and leave behind materials—met with legislators in-district to address the most pressing economic issues of the community. This comprehensive approach was key for many advocates who may have had the knowledge but lacked some of the resources to maximize their efforts.

The Future of Economic Justice Advocacy

Policy reform is a process that requires equal parts patience and persistence. Within the next several months, we have an opportunity to generate support for policies that help working families get ahead.

As Congress reconvenes this week, it’s imperative that advocates remain steadfast in their efforts to advance federal issues of economic justice. That’s why we’ve recently updated our Advocacy Center to make it easier than ever to connect to legislators at every level.

Missed Camp this year? You can revisit Camp Prosperity 2019 here to take advantage of our tools, resources and insights. Hope to see you next year!

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