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Did a Maryland Sheriff Deliberately Hit a Motorcyclist? | @TheRealNews

Did a Maryland Sheriff Deliberately Hit a Motorcyclist? from @TheRealNews
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Eastern Shore residents are concerned that the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and Maryland State Police (MSP) are covering up a collision that sent a motorcyclist to shock trauma.

The motorcyclist, Mouloudou Kane, was severely injured in the crash with Worcester County Sheriff’s Deputy Gregory Wetzel. The case is finally drawing scrutiny after TRNN obtained the official MSP accident investigation report which labeled the accident “preventable.”

Two residents of Worcester County, MD described what they witnessed as a horrifying scene: A police vehicle crossed two traffic lanes and drove onto the shoulder of the highway into a motorcyclist who was picking up his bike after a slide.

The witnesses were loading their truck in preparation for a barbeque over Memorial Day weekend when they saw what they believed to be an intentional collision with the downed cyclist.

“We came home from grocery shopping, and we were getting out of the car and heard a horrific bang,” said one witness, who wishes to remain unidentified out of fear of retaliation.

“They [police] already had weapons withdrawn, with a car in front and a car in the back. And from about a half a mile away the other cop’s vehicle ran through them both and aimed for him and hit him so hard his body flew toward the tree line,” said the witness.

Kane was flown to Shock Trauma, and his attorney, Richard Brueckner Jr., confirmed that if the injury had been one inch closer to his femoral artery he would have bled out and died. His lawyer said Kane laid his motorcycle down on the shoulder of the highway to avoid hitting the bumper of a car that had switched lanes abruptly, and that he had no idea that he was being followed by police.

The eyewitness accounts expose what some residents say is a lack of transparency and accountability in law enforcement on the Eastern Shore. “I want to see the responsibility taken by the party that I believe committed a crime. I know what’s right and wrong, but I know what I saw and what my son saw wasn’t right. I want to see some justice brought to that man … Afterward, it seemed as if things were being arranged…” said the witness.

Real News reporters scoured the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and MSP websites for press releases or information about the accident, as well as the MSP log for medevac flights, but found no record of the accident or the shock trauma flight taking place. Only video taken by the eyewitnesses and photos found on the Worcester County Fire Marshal’s Office website confirmed that the accident and airlift had occurred.

Despite evidence from two eyewitnesses and the MSP investigation that determined the accident was avoidable, Mr. Kane was still charged with 25 different counts ranging from speeding to reckless driving, all of which were dismissed in court. TRNN contacted the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office but has yet to receive comment on whether or not Deputy Gregory Wetzel is under investigation for his role in the crash. 

TRNN has filed an MPIA request for dashcam footage and all pertinent case evidence and will update this story with any information regarding an investigation of the crash or discipline of Deputy Wetzel for hitting Mr. Kane with his police vehicle.

Originally posted by The Real News on 2020-01-22 07:50:45

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