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From the Streets to the Halls from @TheRealNews
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Join Movement School, the Society for Ethical Culture, and Sunrise Movement for a panel discussion on young activist leaders moving into electoral politics, in both the US and Chile. We will look at the opportunities and challenges facing young activist leaders as well as their movements, particularly focusing on the upcoming constitutional referendum in Chile and the 2020 elections in the US.

With panelists:
– Congressman Giorgio Jackson Diputado, former student activist leader and Revolución Democrática Santiago
– Charlotte Alter, TIME journalist and author of upcoming book ‘The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For’
– Waleed Shahid, Justice Democrats‘ spokesperson, MSNBC commentator, and former Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez staffer

Moderated by Sarah Jones of New York Magazine

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Originally posted by The Real News on 2020-02-13 15:38:56

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