Global Green New Deal with Carl Beijer by Katie Halper | @kthalps

Global Green New Deal with Carl Beijer by Katie Halper from @kthalps
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Carl’s paper: I chat with Carl Beijer about his new paper, published by the People’s Policy Project, on how to pay for the Global Green New Deal, why Third Way, the radical centrist think tank which says it will support any Dem but Bernie and works to cut social security and medicare, is so bad, the media’s anti Bernie Bias and why Bernie should run as a socialist. I include clips of Sanders’ speech on democratic socialism and Jim Kessler (of Third Way, ) bragging about working with Claire McCaskill (who lost her latest election), compromising on abortion, making abortion puns (the legislation had been “still born” “in gestation”), urging the Dems to focus less on climate change and minimum wage. I also include Third Way’s Matt Bennett refusing to say how much money Third Way gets from Wall Street.

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“United States funding extensive green development” — The day that the continent starts to fund Initiatives that benefit the world; it won’t be called the US.

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