Is Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential Bid Being Targeted? | @RealTimBlack

Is Tulsi Gabbard's Presidential Bid Being Targeted? from @RealTimBlack
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Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential ambitions may be in jeopardy as she responds to claims she’s tied to Hindu Nationalists. Tulsi Gabbard releases a new campaign ad speaking directly to religious concerns and smears. Tulsi Gabbard responds to claims about her Hindu religion and if it may overly influence her policy if elected President. As a progressive democrat, Tulsi Gabbard supports freedom of religion, but will it apply to her? Tim Black weighs in with some hard truths and no fluff. #TulsiGabbard #tulsi2020 #TimBlackShow

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Originally posted by Tim Black on 2019-01-29 20:30:44

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