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It’s A Day! Reparations from the Trenches to Liberation

It’s A Day! Reparations from the Trenches to Liberation

In today’s society, we live in a system that is not for the advancement of the so-called negro in America. Since we have been on this soil we have been in unprecedented situations that have been dangerous to our well-being. We have been called Freedmen, Negro, Colored, Black, and African American. Terms that have been used to describe the so-called Negro here in the U.S. I believe we all are Black but the American Negro is a different ethnic group of people than those from other countries who are Black on a social and political stratosphere. 

With that being said, it is a new day. A day in time where Black Consciousness is now at the forefront of the advancement of our people. Reparations is the topic of conversation in the minds of many people fighting for liberation. This piece is not for someone who already is a Reparationist but for someone who’s looking for enlightenment and tools to take heed to. When you create diamonds you go deep into the ground. When you create oil you go deep into the ground, As we look at the movement, we realize that we must go into the deepest of our communities which is the mud of our civilization, and find the men and women that we need and we need them for our survival. 

The Survival of our people is critical. Black folk are dying of heart disease, diabetes, Covid, Homicide, Suicide, and homelessness at some very alarming rates. None of these issues are being talked about in the mainstream media and it’s very disheartening. They tell Black folks to lift themselves by the bootstrap not understanding we are and have been a bootless people. When you want to survive, you have to by any means necessary. If you are from the Other America, then you know and understand what real survival is. 

Cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Columbus City, New York City, and Washington DC are 10 of the top 15 poorest “big cities” in the country. Unfortunately, all of these cities are over 25% Black and all of these cities have been historically important to the advancement of Black people in this country. Detroit the birthplace of the Nation of Islam and Motown Records  Philadelphia is where  MOVE  began and home to Mumia Abu Jamal. Washington DC, “Chocolate City” and the place Benjamin Banneker built, New York City is known for the Harlem Renaissance and the Mecca for Black folks in this country. We have always built something amazing and we have always been progressing our people. 

Our Assignment is unique and sincere. We must inform our people on what Reparations is, how it can happen, how it can help our people, and here is how we start: 1) First read “From Here to Equality and watch videos of William Darity from here to equality. 2) We must reach out to the people in your communities who are doing the work. Whether it be around gun violence, food insecurity, voter registration, homelessness, and etc. Reach out to them and begin to build coalitions and share knowledge with one another. 3) After the coalition is formed, they begin to organize events and protest educating people on reparations, boycotting businesses, and people who are leading us into a burning house. 

A Freedmen is an emancipated slave who is out of bondage. On Juneteenth 2020, we declared ourselves Mentally free. Now we must build a nation of Freed People! 


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