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Joshua Kendall on "Clintons' Misogynistic Slime Machine," me on seeing Joan Baez w/ the Clintons | @kthalps

[tweet_dis2]Joshua Kendall on “Clintons’ Misogynistic Slime Machine,” me on seeing Joan Baez w/ the Clintons from @kthalps[/tweet_dis2]

First, I tell Gabe about seeing a Joan Baez concert with the Clintons in the audience, which gets kind of awkward when Baez sings a song about a rape survivor killing her rapist. Speaking of which, we’re in the midst of the 20 year anniversary of the impeachment of Bill Clinton, which was sparked by Paula Jones’ sexual harassment allegations and wound up exposing Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky and bringing Juanita Broaddrick out of the woodwork. While Lewinsky’s case has been re-examined through the #MeToo lens, Broaddrick, who alleges that Bill Clinton raped her, remains ignored or smeared and lied about. I spoke to journalist Joshua Kendall about Bill Clinton’s treatment of women and the multiple allegations of rape made by women we haven’t even heard of.
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