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JUSTICE: A Mission for Independent Media

The Mission Is Justice

As the largest Black Independent Media on my side of the Left, it has become evident that the Democratic Party has neglected the needs of Black voters. Notorious for seeking Black Votes and equally notorious for ignoring Black Policies, I began a mission.

My mission since the beginning has been to help Black People get something for their votes. A simple yet novel idea. 

I’ve seen over the years an abundance of Independent News and content creators focusing on various issues covering everything from Russian Interference, DNC Lawsuits, Voter Suppression, Green New Deal, Julian Assange, Trump Investigations, Trump Speeches, Trump Rallies, Trump joke, to Hillary Investigations, Woman Marches, MeToo and the list continues. 

What I have not seen is a focus on policies that will impact Black America specifically.

The Young Turks may cover the death of a Black man at the hands of the police, but not the poverty in the Black Communities that man came from. The Jimmy Dore Show may call out corruption in politics, but not the lack of a Black Agenda to the most reliable voting block America has ever seen. The Ring of Fire may cover the conviction of Derek Chauvin, but not display the conviction necessary to tackle institutional racism within our lending institutions.

A repeated guest on my show, Dr. Sandy Darity and A. Kirsten Mullen aptly expressed in their book “From Here to Equality”; “Most Americans agree that both slavery and legal apartheid were horrific moral outrages, but there are an alarmingly large number of Americans, both white and black, who don’t believe that racial inequality and discrimination continue to exist.”

If Independent Media is not educating viewers about the plight of the most vulnerable segments of our society, how are we any different than Corporate Media? How are we any better?

The Left fails to recognize the writing on the wall. Take for example “The Black Tax” penned by Shawn D. Rochester. Shawn joined me for a breakdown of his book which focused on the inequities in our society at every turn from Real Estate, Automotive purchases, financing and trades, Auto Insurance, Online Commerce, Job Search, Job promotion, and Black Business Financing hurdles. It’s not enough to point out the unseemly Karens via social media. We must go beyond the focus on individual racists and bigots and move onto the bigger fish to fry: Institutional Racism and the lack of policies directed specifically to Black Americans.

As Ira Katznelson’s in “When Affirmative Action Was White” lays out, the intentional disenfranchisement of Black citizens via the New Deal was appalling. Take for instance the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act. The GI Bill gave millions of Veterans the means to buy homes, attend college and start business ventures. No other instrument was nearly as important, yet digest this startling fact: “A survey of thirteen Mississippi cities by Ebony magazine found that of the 3,299 VA guaranteed home, business and farm loans made in 1947, precisely two had gone to blacks”.

America has historically severely limited Black benefits and access to its touted universal programs. The practice of quiet abandonment of Black People as a group systematically should no longer be allowed. As the largest Black Independent Media in this space I’ve decided to take a stand for not just myself, but for my viewers and the Black Community at large.

My righteous anger for a lack of cohesion and support around Nina Turner’s campaign is just the tip of the Iceberg. My vision is beyond one candidate in one political race. My focus is on what type of an impact we want to have collectively. The fact remains, the Democratic Party must adjust its priorities to include specific policies directed at closing the racial wealth gap. These issues have been discussed on my channel repeatedly. As Dr. Darrick Hamilton pointed out in our interview “We need to shift the onus of inequality from individuals onto where it properly belongs, the public as a result of resource deprivation historically, as well not providing the provisions of what people need in terms of enabling goods so they can achieve and be successful. Beyond political and civil rights. We need economic rights. If you want to vote you shouldn’t be hungry. Period.”

It’s not as if America doesn’t have the capacity to spend money.  As Mehrsa Baradaran’s “The Color of Money ” America’s financial autopsy reveals once upon a time America built a drawbridge for White Americans to access the middle class. Ironically, once millions of White Americans cross that bridge just as Black America attempted to cross, they bombed it. Not only did America pull the bridge back, but they also heckled us via Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly about our inability to sprout wings and fly to the other side.

My life’s ambition of helping Black People get something for their vote hasn’t changed, but I have evolved. See, I’m not the first Black Person in Independent Media to call out racism, discrimination, bigotry, and neglect for Black issues on the Left and specifically in Independent Media. No, there have been several others who’ve made claims in the past against bad treatment and obvious blind spots in our so-called Progressive allies. What makes this moment different is I have waited just long enough that I may be in a position to change the outcome this time. 

The goal I want to rally everyone behind is this: 

Influence White Independent Media on the Left to put Black Issue on the agenda. The same as you push for universal programs such as Medicare For All or Universal Health Care, Universal Basic Income, Green New Deal, Student Debt Relief, and Climate Change.

History teaches us there will be very little if any progressive gains without a sizable amount of Black voter participation. History also teaches us America has no problems overlooking Black suffering. As the famed Fredrick Douglass quote goes “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” I am boldly making this demand. 

Lefty commentators, Progressive Independent Media entities, activists, hosts, and participants, add Black policies to your content. Just as you share information about the Green New Deal, share info about Closing the Racial Wealth Gap. As you beat the doors of your representatives about Medicare For All, land a blow against the door for Reparations for the formerly enslaved and their offspring.

The smears of my intentions will not stop me. Your cherry-picking of a 3-hour broadcast, distilled down to a 9-second clip and a sickening narrative wrought with racial overtones built on the despicable legacy of black dehumanization will not end my push for Black American Justice. I’m telling you now, as I stated at the close of the same clip widely discussed yet narrowly observed; “We should win or lose together”. Well, the only way for us all to win or lose together is for us to fight together. Black America is tired of the benign neglect, the apathy, the return-to-stock mentality of Left media. 

As Dr. Cornel West said, “We come from a hated people”. I’m hoping you will join us in the push to change, if not the moral fiber of America, but the material conditions of its builders of this great country who were never compensated. 

Get behind the push for a Black Agenda, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s the only way we can move forward as one.

Thank you,


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