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Medicare for All: The Hackening | 2016 Throwback

Medicare for All: The Hackening
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More Chutes Than Ladders

Let’s discuss what is really at stake when we discuss health care policy and Medicare for All in America. We must reframe the conversation to see people as entire human beings. Health care is only one facet of a person’s life. Health and healthcare are a function of income, wealth, and community. Just like anything else in life.

Let’s watch a few videos to give you some much-needed context to the health care debate. We live in an age of staggering wealth and income inequality. Worse even than the Gilded Age. Many Conservatives and neoliberal Dixiecrats would have you believe that hard work will fix everything in the Land of Opportunity. However, 97% of poor Americans will remain in poverty and their children are likely to slide even deeper into our nation’s social and economic abyss. Americans are also facing a crushing lack of affordable housing across the country. Over 12% of Americans face food insecurity. Due to our national policy and practice concerning the economy and race, Black families are in much worse shape than the rest of the country.

Obviously, there are many intersections here. Far too many people are in two or more of these groups. If you can access health care somehow; choosing between rising deductibles, medication and food or rent is a very real challenge for millions. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

Josh Barro and Business Insider Couldn’t Wait

Let’s remember that Josh is a former Republican. His point of view has a rightward slant. It’s likely his point of view has not changed. It’s just another indicator of how far right the Democrats have moved over the years. Reading this article just confirms the supposition.

On to the article: The stage for Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All launch wasn’t even cleared when Josh jumped into the fray. With his hack cape flapping in the wind, he announced that this uber-popular bill was a “trap” for Democrats. Mostly because it’s hard. In the second paragraph, he compared this effort to the horrid GOP “repeal and replace” mess. Premature much, Josh?

If you compare the popularity of Medicare for All vs. the American Health Care Act makes this comparison pitifully off-base. But, to be fair, he makes the comparison to show that talking about legislation is easy. Passing a bill is hard. As if no one realizes that.

His biggest issue seems to be cost (shocker). We spend over 62% per capita more than the OECD average. We spend this kind of money with worse outcomes and millions go without healthcare. The US can get costs down right out of the gate.

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US vs OECD Countries

The bill does not have all the answers as to funding. But, Bernie is using a savvy crowd-sourcing strategy to discuss funding Medicare for All. Most Americans want the Federal government to assure everyone has health care. There is vast agreement that the rich and corporations do not pay enough in taxes. If handled properly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how this will go. Reaching out to citizens will build consensus that is hard to ignore.

I hope Josh is ready.

Progressive Army Joins the Fight

Progressive Uplift author Rachael Wolfgang, co-author of The Ultimate Guide to Surviving President Trump – Healthcare: Life After Obamacare, and who has written for Progressive Army previously, will be writing rebuttals to the M4A hit pieces here again. She has done exhaustive research on our healthcare system. Rachael and her team will provide the data you need to get beyond the noise.

Watch Ben Dixon on Medicare for All on Content News

Originally posted by Michael Graham for The Progressive Army on 2017-09-18 21:41:52

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