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Norm Finkelstein on Israel’s lies about Hamas & his fights with Alan Dershowitz by Katie Halper | @kthalps

Norm Finkelstein on Israel’s lies about Hamas & his fights with Alan Dershowitz by Katie Halper from @kthalps
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Bonus: why Norm Finkelstein thinks BDS is a cult.
We talk to Norm FInkelstein, controversial scholar, author, activist and the son of survivors of the Auschwitz and Maidanek concentration camps. He busts myths about and repeated by Israel and reminisces on the dishonesty of Alan Dershowitz. He also wonders if Richard Goldstone was blackmailed into retracting his report on Gaza. If you want to support WBAI and get Norm’s book as well as Eli Valley’s amazing book of political cartoons and Kareem Estefan’s book “Assuming Boycott,” about BDS.

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WBAI pay Katie handomsly! she puts on a superb show and her show’s time should be extended when it airs in New York and other places.

great interview Katie! I wish I was employed so I could be a patreon to you, Moderate Rebels and Unauthorized Disclosure and Radio War Nerd. That way I can listen to why Norman oddly enough is against BDS. That being said its great to see that he is still writing books and I look forward to getting his new book & i recomend people check out The Holocaust Industry & the documentary on him American Radical: The Trials of Norman Finkelstein. I hope he’s employed at a university soon and glad to see he is still writing books. And I’m glad Norman like Max Blumenthal of Alternet put an end to this nonsense the Israeli PRess & Hareetz is more critical of Israel then the US and UK press. That’s rubbish, even the MEF in Peace,Propaganda and Promised Land argued this and its simply rubbish with the exception of Gideon Levey & Amira Hass.

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Click this link to listen: The Katie Halper Show


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