In recent months, there has been a concerted effort to de-monetize and hide "controversial" content from independent content providers across many platforms. The hardest hit has been the YouTube community. This loss of revenue can be debilitating or even fatal to many of alternative media outlets.

It is not only the inability to reach more people. It is the loss of income. While many are in this for the message, loss of money impacts everyone. What is needed is a source of income that cannot be stopped or slowed.

Actify Press started our Re-Monetize program just for this reason. Publishing a series of books that speaks to your following is a great way to create another revenue stream that cannot be touched by the forces that are suppressing your content.

Re-Monetize has all the services that you need to make your books a success.

  • Writer Services
  • Cover and Graphics
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Copy Edit
  • Much more...

The best part is that it could cost you nothing upfront. Actify Press works on the Sweat Equity model. What are you waiting for?

Just hit the Re-Monetize button below to get started.