American voters are seeking solutions for the issues they face in their lives every day. The Progressive Movement has become the standard bearer of policy that serves the 99%. However, the playing field is slanted in favor of wealthy, entrenched interests. Unfortunately, funding is an issue in US politics. The Left requires creative ways to raise money without appearing to be beholden to wealthy donors.
Actify Press has introduced the UNITE Project to help political organizations raise money and promote their candidates to voters. UNITE will compile articles about 6-10 candidates into each book. APress will do all of the work required to develop and publish each book. Proceeds from sales will be distributed among the candidates in each publication. Most organizations have websites that serve this purpose. However, voter interaction can feel impersonal. Be that as it may, APress can also develop companion websites and videos.
Actify Press will provide all the necessary services to create UNITE publication for your organization. We will interview candidates, collect photographs, graphics, and publishing.
APress makes things simple and easy for your team. To get things moving send us an email at UNITE@tbxlbooks.com or call (256) 361-9492.