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One of the best things about the Internet and serious, scholarly, and devoted professional help sites is being able to find the accurate, timely, and genuinely informative articles related to your search. The ADHD article is among such benefits. We can discover astoundingly apt materials in the bookstore on ADHD (Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder), such as Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo’s lifesaving book. As well as equally useful works by Thom Hartmann, Shari Holden, and others. The information is quicker, more easily accessible (online, I mean), and is just as valuable as written by an ADHD specialist, expert, and professional.

You can start with the ADHD site or ADHD ezine (online magazine), for example, to find almost any ADHD article as it is relevant to you and yours:

  • BTE,, offers information and several helpful, informative ADHD articles for scholarship and personal use.
  • ADDitude magazine is online and by subscription, and has so many useful and realistic ADHD articles for the professional, the student, the parent, and the adult that you will want your copy! I came by the magazine through the college where I worked, and since then has read every magazine issue cover to cover. I then had to subscribe to resist the sinful temptation of keeping the copies I borrowed.

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You will also want to check out the ADHD article databases:

  • The absolute premier site for ADHD articles is ADD Consults ( It will take you a little time to figure out how the system is constructed, but once you decide on a subject area or sub-topic. You will get articles on everything from ADD strategies to co-morbidity information to ADHD articles about children and adults with ADD. The reports are upscale and professional, clinical, and personal, and are a must read! The site is built by Terry Matlin, MSW, ASCW, and features the astoundingly superbly brilliant support of ADHD article writers who are big names in the field Edward Hallowell, John J. Ratey, Sari Solden, Thom Hartmann, and Michelle Novotny, to name just a few!
  • The moment you find the source that is most user-friendly and helpful to you. Sign up for a free newsletter. It offers a piece or two weekly or monthly (whenever the newsletter is delivered to your inbox):
  • Terry Matlin, ACSW, also offers a newsletter which features an ADHD article, book reviews, and blurbs on many aids/products for the ADHDer, as I call her or him (as I call myself).

Breath and Shadow, a monthly (or thereabouts) newsletter put out by ROSC as the Journal of Literature and Disability Culture, is for writers and artists with any or all disabilities. They send a monthly newsletter with a predetermined theme, but occasionally you might get an item.

You can find the most relevant, scholarly articles on the condition, or the most personal and still accurate ADHD article written by a non-credentialed individual who is or knows someone who has to put up with the frustrations and challenges as well as exclusive and unique gifts of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a.k.a. ADHD. Come on, any sites to share with me, anyone?


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