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Replace James Clyburn Because We Deserve Better

Gregg “Marcel” Dixon Is Running to Replace Democratic Party Congressional Whip

Critical Justice

Replacing Rep. James Clyburn with Gregg Dixon could be the beginning of US Freedmen representation in the Federal government in the modern political era.

The inaugural episode of the Reset Race Network‘s new interview show, “Critical Justice,” was an absolute banger. Our host Glo interviewed Gregg “Marcel” Dixon. He is running to defeat the number three Democratic Party member in the US House of Representatives, James E. Clyburn. In this wide-ranging interview, Dixon discusses his life as son of the Gullah Geechee people from the American coastal southeast, the importance of Reparations for US Freedmen, his teaching career, his calling to run for office, and much more.

“If you want to fight crime, fight poverty.”
Gregg “Marcel” Dixon
Candidate, SC 6th Congressional District

Opposition Research: Rep. James Clyburn

Clyburn has served as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina’s 6th congressional district since 1993. His congressional district includes most of the majority-black precincts in and around Columbia and Charleston, as well as most of the majority-black areas outside Beaufort and nearly all of South Carolina’s share of the Black Belt. Clyburn is the dean of South Carolina’s congressional delegation. Since John Spratt‘s departure in 2011, aside from the single term served by Joe Cunningham, Clyburn has been the only Democrat in South Carolina’s congressional delegation.

Clyburn has been the third-ranking House Democrat, behind Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, since 2007, serving as Majority Whip behind Pelosi and Hoyer during periods of Democratic House control, and as Assistant Minority Leader behind Pelosi and Hoyer during periods of Republican control. After the Democrats took control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections, Clyburn was reelected Majority Whip in January 2019 at the opening of the 116th Congress, alongside the reelected Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer, marking the second time the trio has served in these roles together.

What Wikipedia won’t tell you is about the crushing poverty in the 6th Congressional District that is 57% US Freedmen. In 2020 Talk Poverty, a project of the Center for American Progress, ranked the district 428th out of the nation’s 435 Congressional Districts with an overall poverty rate of 23.5%. To make things worse, the region is 433/435 for child poverty at 36.5%. Yes, you read that correctly. The Number 3 Dem in the House represents the #3 district for Child Poverty in the United States of America. That is a record of epic failure, by any standard.

Help Marcel SPREAD THE WORD About His Campaign

Enter Marcel

Gregg Dixon is a firebrand in every sense of the word. He is an unapologetic advocate for Black Americans. This award-winning educator is a resident of the 6th CD. He has seen what 30-years of poor leadership from James Clyburn has wrought in his area. The Whip has proven that he is ineffectual when it comes to serving his constituents of all races. Additionally, like the vast majority of American elected officials, James Clyburn refuses to stand behind specific economic policy for Black Americans/US Freedmen.

Dixon is quite vocal about his unmitigated support for US Freedmen Reparations. His platform has a comprehensive Reparations program that is laser-targeted on helping the Black community is South Carolina. In fact, his Better Deal for Black America has solutions that would be useful for all rural US Freedmen. It holds solutions for salient issues like Heirs Property and transportation.

Many Clyburn supporters will tout his support of HR 40. However, the flaws in the legislation could render it ineffectual to solve problems, at best, utterly useless at worst. Much has also been made of been made of the James Clyburn net worth. He seems to be worth nearly $3M. That makes him a pauper among his congressional peers. But, due to his inability to “bring home the bacon” for his district he is quite wealthy among his constituents.

Of Uphill Battles

Dixon is has challenged Clyburn and his team face-to-face on policy for Black Americans in the Sixth on several occasions. The courage and honesty that Marcel displays is heartening in a cynical political system. He understands that he is the underdog in this fight. But, that has been US Freedmen life since 1776 and we are going in reverse. This moment requires tireless, focused advocacy from real people. Please support Gregg “Marcel” Dixon any way that you can. We need 534 more of him.

Watch “Replace James Clyburn Because We Deserve Better”


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