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Senator Bernie Sanders Announces That He Will Run For President

Senator Bernie Sanders Announces That He Will Run For President Today, Senator Bernie Sanders announced that he is running. This is great news for those of us that were with him in 2015 and the people that have begun to Bern since then. He offers US politics a huge blast of hope on the bleak political landscape. I’m going to say this now: Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner now that he has announced. Not because of his Oscar the Grouch charm. But, because of his policy positions and his unshakeable dedication to same. Additionally, Millennials are set to be the largest voting block in 2020. Taking that mantle from Boomers. Bernie is far and away the most popular candidate with younger voters among the politicians that have entered the race. I have been watching Bernie set this up since the DNC screwed him (and the country) in 2016. His popularity with young people makes direct attacks dangerous for any serious contender. I’m pretty sure Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota is in the race to be the establishment’s designated Bernie Attacker. Only time will tell. I’ll save the rest for a bigger article later. Right now, I’m just happy this fight has begun. Let’s get it going, family!

Senator Bernie Sanders Announces



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