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Talk to MG! 003- Where Is This Bernie Sanders?

Courage Is In Short Supply As Black America Faces Genocide

Where Is This Bernie Sanders?

For those of us who ferociously supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 and beyond, this is a critical question. Especially, for those of us that are American Descendents of Slavery (ADOS). Old school (former) Berners like myself and my friend Carla from the Northeast were diehard Black Berners have been through the political wringer concerning reparations.

The Black vote is the most valuable political real estate in national Democratic Party politics. You can’t beat Joe Biden (the frontrunner) without taking a chunk of the Black vote from him. But, the courageous Bernie we once believed in is nowhere to be found. The people we stood shoulder-to-shoulder with are stunningly silent, no matter how we explain our plight to them.

The Podcast

This podcast was supposed to be a discussion between two friends about ADOS and reparations. Suddenly, it morphed into something very different. Carla asks some compelling questions that require answers and I don’t have them. She is a brilliant, compassionate woman that deserves to be heard. Also, she deserves those answers. Comment below if you have the answers. Any answers.

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[WATCH] Day 2 of the #ADOS Conference (Updated: 7 October 2019) 14

[WATCH] Day 2 of the #ADOS Conference (Updated: 7 October 2019)

TTMG 003- Where is Bernie? w/ Carla from the Northeast 15

TTMG 003- Where is Bernie? w/ Carla from the Northeast