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Texts From Elon Musk to His Engineering Team ❧ Current Affairs | @curaffairs

Texts From Elon Musk to His Engineering Team ❧ Current Affairs from @curaffairs
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This week, Tesla visionary Elon Musk reportedly saw his net worth drop $770 million overnight after a disastrous debut for Tesla’s new “Cybertruck.” The Cybertruck, in addition to being uncommonly hideous, was reported to have windows made of special Tesla “armor glass.” When, during the live demonstration, a Musk subordinate tried to demonstrate the strength of the armored windows by throwing a metal ball at them, they immediately shattered.

Tesla is known for its chaotic internal culture, and Musk himself has been a controversial figure. Now, for the first time, Current Affairs offers a peek inside the real-world operations of Tesla. Thanks to an internal whistleblower, we have obtained a record of texts sent from Musk to his engineering team.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I suppose for “legal purposes” and because it’s almost impossible to tell actual Elon Musk quotes from parodies I should formally note that these texts are satire and as far as we know were not actually sent by Elon Musk.

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