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Tim Black Cleans House

Tackling Anti-Black Racism On The Political Left

Tim Black Cleans House

On August 6th, 2021, media personality Tim Black aired out the entire Left Wing of independent media for disloyalty, racism, and anti-Blackness. In this now-infamous video, he spoke his truth with passion and fury. His righteous anger was partially rooted in his dear friend, Senator Nina Turner, losing to Shontel Brown in Ohio’s 11th District just three days prior. Though the wounds were still fresh from the Dem establishment-driven loss, Tim was sure to deliver the facts surrounding why Nina lost. This was personal because Tim, his wife, and sons traveled to Cleveland to knock on doors for the Senator. 

It’s About to Go Down

Shortly after he cleared the air on the facts of the loss to Shontel Brown, he went in. He started with the disloyalty displayed by independent media personalities on the Left. As a leading light in the Progressive Movement, Senator Turner has appeared on many of their platforms and gatherings free of charge to help them and the movement grow. 

She was never stingy with her time and attention. Not to mention that she enraged the Clinton wing of the Democratic Party by siding with Senator Bernie Sanders in 2015. This move was part of the genesis of the current version of the American Left which made space for the growth of these very same entities.

Back Stabbed

The Senator’s kindness was not repaid during her recent campaign. There was much made of Nina running as a Democrat. However, an independent party run is a longshot in Akron and Cleveland. No Black-led, Black-serving, or Black-targeted institution is going to make a move for any party but the Dems (or even the GOP) without some sort of serious intervention. 

While Nina is a supporter of Reparations for US Freedmen, much was said about the lack of policy on her campaign website. This is often casually tossed out as a deflection of Tim’s broader critique. As we will see later, this had little bearing on the failures of Leftie media.

In Tim’s view, OH-11 was an “all hands on deck moment” for the Left. He admitted that he had no idea whether Turner would have won with Left indie media support. The only sure thing is that she would have had more funding and a GOTV boost. Which would have more than likely translated into a better showing in the election. This logic is hard to argue against.

Bigger Picture

Tim’s commentary had a greater theme: the uneven support for Black people and non-support for Black policy from the Left. The reality of being Black in American politics is that it is nearly impossible to advocate for the economic uplift of the Descendants of US Chattel Slavery, specifically. This is true across the political spectrum. In fact, the easiest way to get drummed out of these environs is to demand policy for this group. Sadly, the Left is no different. The White and well-healed individuals at the top are leading them down the path of recalcitrance on the issue. 

Tim Black called out several people, by name, in this one-hour segment from a 3-hour live broadcast. This list included Jimmy Dore, Kyle Kulinski, Krystal Ball, and many others. All of whom are top Leftie media figures. In addition to not supporting Turner, they were called out for not covering Black people, issues, or policy. 

Solidarity and Reciprocity

Black used his own coverage of the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd as an example. During the course of the trial, Tim discussed it daily. This story was one of the most important narratives of the year and no Left media covered it as much as Tim. He further said that the entire Left should get on board with Reparations and a Black Agenda. 

He was quite clear that his goal was to sweep racism out of the movement. He wants Black people to get something for their vote and he wants the Progressive Movement to “win and lose together” on the side of justice. Please watch the full first hour of the video at the bottom of this article yourself and come to your own conclusions.

Inevitable Pushback

Any Black person on the Left can tell you, advocating for any specific policy for Black folks is verboten. This behavior will get you quickly dumped and smeared. It has happened to Marcus Ferrell, Anoa Changa, myself, and others. The movement leadership is dedicated to keeping Black issues from the forefront while feigning confusion about the lack of mass Black voter support. 

Because of Tim’s reach and visibility, the response was swift and vicious. It started with crocodile tears about him being a “potty mouth.” I guess colorful rhetoric is new to these folks. This tactic went over like a bronze butterfly. Then they marshaled their forces and got creatively racist. 

Editing Savagery

They clipped 18 seconds from the three-and-a-half-hour video of Tim using Black slang. Then they tied that statement to Briahna Joy Gray of the Bad Faith Podcast. It was framed as a threat of rape. The truth is that the utterance was not connected to Briahna. In fact, those words are a full 12 minutes away from the first mention of her name in the video. The engineers of this mudslinging campaign even added it to Reddit.

This grotesque vilification quickly gained traction. The original tweet received over 1200 likes. Tim was quickly inundated with hateful messages across social media. To defend himself from this obvious use of the racist Black Brute stereotype, he cut the video down to the 1-hour segment. It was clear he wanted everyone to watch the video for themselves, in context.

Whiteness On-Code

After a decade of advocacy for the political left, Tim found himself in no man’s land. Even after the statement was debunked by the Reset Race Crew, the tweet is still up and very few have apologized to Tim. Instead, the attacks have morphed into “you attacked her Blackness” or “you were mean to Brie.” Meanwhile, in the real world, Tim called out seven individuals and a would-be political party.

These vile people turned an opportunity to redirect the “left’ toward justice and equity into a Black-on-Black crime. The clear objective was and is to keep people from discussing racism and bigotry on the American Left. It’s an obvious problem that can and should be remedied. Just as important to these folks is harming Tim, taking away his supporters, and negatively impact his livelihood.

Rest assured, in 2022 and 2024 any Progressive candidate running against a Democrat or Republican will be throttled with this incident.

It Ain’t Over

Luckily, Tim Black has somehow cultivated the most justice-driven following in political media. They support Bernie World standard universal policies like Medicare for All and a $15 minimum wage. They are also fervent and vocal proponents of Reparations for US Slavery Descendants.

Tim has the only live call-in show on the Left media landscape. Every time the phones are open, members of Tim Black’s Wolf Pack call with messages of solidarity, hope, and love. They speak openly about how they feel that Reparation should be paid yesterday and can no longer be omitted from a Left Agenda.

Tim is doing the right thing and people want him to suffer because of it. We should all rally around him and his true message. He’s talking about creating a better world with his chest, Johnsons. Actify Press and Reset Race are going to ride with TBTV and the Wolf Pack on this journey because this is about justice.

Please support Tim Black by subscribing to him on Youtube. Also, please consider joining the Tim Black Wolf Pack.

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